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  • Anna

    I was always sure that the medicine is long and boring, but once I tried the cream nomidolI completely changed my view. Surprisingly, the treatment is quick and easy. The instructions necessary to apply the cream two times a day for one month. It was enough that I always forgot for fungal infections. Surprised by the negative reviews on the Internet for the cream, for such a quick result does not give a single remedy which is offered in the pharmacies.

  • Pavel

    Very glad I learned about the existence of a beautiful cream nomidol . In fact, he just helped me finally overcome of the fungus, which has long caused me so much discomfort. So stop the destruction of the nail plates. Other drugs that are used, does not give any results. To fungus completely gone, I used the cream twice a day for one month. After a few days, I started to notice changes: lost the odor, the itching has disappeared, has ceased to peel off the skin. After one month I completely get rid of fungal infections.

  • Petra

    My daughter gave me a subscription to the pool. I managed to move just three sessions, I started to notice that I had the itching and burning of the feet, unpleasant odor, the nail began to lose stay healthy. I went to the doctor, who gave me the disappointing diagnosis of a foot fungus. Prescribed me a cream. But a pharmacist at the pharmacy advised me to buy the latest cure fungus cream Nomidol. I told the daughter and she brought me this tool. The effect is amazing, in a month I forgot that I had a fungus. I recommend nomidol.

  • Lenka

    It so happened that my youngest son was infected with the fungus. I noticed the inflammation in the legs and called a friend for advice (she is a dermatologist by specialty). A friend recommended me a cream Nomidol. I found on the Internet for information about this tool on the official site, read the comments, most of which were positive and ordered the drug. Took the cream for about 5 days. My daughter just started to use. Results we noticed after one week. Completely lost all unpleasant sensations, the color of the nail plate took its natural color, disappeared unpleasant smell.

  • Jiří

    The doctor diagnosed me with athlete's foot. It caused an infection that was in the blood. To get rid of this evil, began to heal Nomidol . For the second week of therapy I noticed that disappeared the main symptoms of the disease. These results I was very pleased. I continued to use the cream for as long as my condition is fully normalized.

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